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The New Leadership Academy Fellows Program is a partnership between the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good (National Forum) and the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE).


Now Accepting Applications for The NLA Fellows Program 2019! Apply Today or Nominate Here!

EARLY DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2018 (Tuition $3,900)

REGULAR DEADLINE: DECEMBER 19, 2018 (Tuition $4,200)

The New Leadership Academy (NLA) Fellows Program changes the expectations that surround leaders and leadership development across higher education. The learning strategies informing the fellowship experience are premised on a recognition that the demographic, democratic, and discursive foundations on which modern higher education has been built are changing. As colleges and universities respond to these environments, leaders will require specialized knowledge and tools, as well as the personal and professional courage to be effective in what clearly are complex and highly contested environments. The NLA curriculum and learning strategies draw upon traditional leadership theory and recent scholarship that investigate the roles of leaders under highly contested and complex conditions. Fellows will participate in tailored programs and activities, which include online learning modules and discussions, five-day Summer Institute at the University of Michigan and written reflections, and coaching sessions throughout the six month program (January 2019 - June 2019).

The NLA Fellowship experience will focus attention on what leaders do when they are in influential positions inside and surrounding their institutions. Upon completion, NLA Fellows will:

  • Recognize the challenges inherent in meeting the responsibilities associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion as overarching concerns in U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Acquire sophistication in re-envisioning values and institutional imperatives that translate into dynamic, focus-driven organizations.
  • Gain specialized knowledge and tools necessary to provide highly effective leadership within and outside complex institutional settings.

The NLA Fellows Program seeks candidates from diverse professional backgrounds and commits to enhance the fellowship experience through actively integrating diverse perspectives. Individuals who wish to apply for the NLA Fellows Program must demonstrate leadership in higher education and hold an administrative leadership or senior faculty position at their respective institutions. Applicants from policy-related or philanthropic organizations will also benefit from participation and are encouraged to apply. If you have questions about eligibility, criteria, or other aspects of the application process, please email newleadershipacademy@umich.edu.

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